Territory Executive Assistant

      ​Theresa Pasquinelli


 Company Vision

 Colonial Life will be the voluntary benefits company businesses and organizations choose to protect their workers’     families, achievements, lifestyles, and dreams.

 Company Strategy

 We will protect 5 million customers by 2020 with simple, modern, personal benefits experiences by growing our sales     team and partners to reach more employers and individuals who value a trusted partner in making benefits decis


​   Luis Martinez

A team of elite advisors who believe in the power and peace of mind of financial security for Americas workers.


Territory Manager

​    Mark Sward

Why We Do It

Associate Territory Manager

​        Charles Hernandez

We build relationships with business owners to provide services and solutions to enhance employee benefits.

What We Do

Territory Recruiter

​Dannielle Olivares

We are a seasoned, trained and dedicated team that helps business owners enhance their current employee benefits.

Colonial Life South Florida

 What makes you happy?
​For us, it's helping America's workers protect what they've worked hard to build.

Who We Are

40/22 We will achieve $40 million by 2022

Territory Instructor

​   Durann Davila